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The Wunderkammer

The Wunderkammer - cabinet of wonders - is a place to inspire. In the 17th century, it was a manifestation of the urge to collect, but never merely an accumulation of objects. The Wunderkammer is a space filled with ideas and memories, a trigger to the imagination, a device to let the mind wander to faraway places.

For a fascinating look at the mind of the collector:

"The Wunderkammer space is grounded in the need for imprecise, fluent forms of categorising inspirational objects as observed in our fieldwork of architectural practice. We look at the Wunderkammer as both a result and object of architect-users' imaginations, and as an attempt at supporting their practices of collecting, archiving and searching inspirational material and using it for communicating the design concept. It also explores different approaches to the graphical design of the Wunderkammer space and their suitability for different situations of use."

Architect. Dipl. Ing., RIBA

Member of:
ZT Federal Chamber section Architects
Vienna, Austria
ARB Architects Registration Board London, UK
RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects London, UK

e mail: architect@nassar.at
TEL : ++43-1-9571962
FAX : ++43-1-9571963

Personal information
Date of birth: January 24, 1969
Nationality: Austria
Family Status: Married
Place of birth: Cairo / Egypt

Education Bs. + Masters of Architecture
2003 Postgraduate: AA-DRL (Architectural Association Design Research Laboratory) London, UK

2002 Chevening, from the British Council London, UK

2002 RIBA Professional Architect License in UK ARB, RIBA, UK

2001 Ziviltechniker Arch. Professional Architect License in Austria ZT-Arch. Austria

2000 Architectural studies at Gensler, DC, AIA, Associate Washington DC, USA

1994 Dipl. Ing. in Architecture at Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck, Austria

Professional experience:

2003-present Own company DIE WUNDERKAMMER
www.nassar.at, Vienna, Austria

2000-2002 Project Architect/ manager at ATP,
www.atp.ac.at, Innsbruck, Austria

1999-2000 Project architect at GENSLER
www.gensler.com, Washington DC, USA

1998-1999 Project architect at SIZELER ARCHITECTS
www.sizeler.com, New Orleans, USA

1994-1998 Architect at the Planungsbüro AOE
www.aoe-international.tirol.com, Innsbruck, Austria

1993-1994 Architekturbüro Peter und Lanziener
Innsbruck, Austria

1991-1992 Peter Lorenz, Architects
www.peterlorenz.at, Innsbruck, Austria

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